How do the predictions work?

Get the best predictions every day

We received the data

SokkerPRO has partnered with companies that provide data for big clubs like Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Real Madrid and all the top 10 worldwide.

X7 algorithm

Data is added to our algorithm, which handles, to give the best prognosis.

Human analysis

It's not just math, you have to understand a lot of football, and this is where our team comes in, adding relative data every day

The result

After statistical data, and our analysis, the software behind gives your results, and you see it all in the palm of your hand with our app.

3 Super indispensable tools for those who really want to profit

It has been over 2 years to create all the algorithms, use, and see the power of math helping in the sports market.


You will not find these features in any tracking APP

Premium tips

Have a daily list of the best bets of the day, and exclusive pre-live bets from our tipsters that have profited over 5 every day.

  • You will receive Corner DoubleUP bets (click here to learn more about this service)
  • You will receive bets from our Tipster who has over 500 profit stakes in 1 year
  • List of best betting games on Both Marks
  • Best combos of the day, minimum odd @2

NEW: Live Alert BOT

We developed a bot that stays 24 hours analyzing live games.

Based on our algorithm, our bot analyzes in real time what is happening in the games, and based on a lot of math, you will be alerted whenever there is an opportunity in the game such as: The home team took a goal but was better in the game, and is doing more cornering, you will be alerted to bet on the corner market as the home team will try to get the result.

NEW: Race To Goal

You don't have to watch any games, just look at our Race to Goal button feed to identify a game that is about to score.

  • You'll see clearly when one team is better than the other.
  • Algorithm based on the past, and what is currently happening
  • Every 10 games in Race to Goal feed, 7 converts to goals
  • The best Over Goals betting tool of the moment

NEW: Adv Search

Many just want to see in the live games feed, teams that are winning out, to bet on 1x or in the corner, now it's possible with advanced search.

  • 8 Game Search Filter Types
  • You can now search only teams that are attacking more
  • Perfect for weekends with over 100 live games at once
  • You can filter the 8 conditions at the same time with their rules.

NEW: Performance Chart

Race to Goal add-on, you can now see team performance in real time

  • Financial market based
  • The intersection of averages always indicate game change
  • See if a team has dropped performance after scoring
  • No need to watch the game to see how the teams performed
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Complete prognosis of major leagues

There are more than 40 alloys with full prognosis, and coverage of more than 200 alloys
1x2, Over Goals, Corner, Double-Up Corner, Handcap, Both Scores, and more

All this for less than 0.33 € a day!

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