December 19, 2019

It's time to show that you're good at betting

Win an official club shirt or an MI Band 4 from Xiaomi to receive notifications from our APP in real time! Thanks to [...]
November 13, 2019

SokkerPRO 1.3: See update news

SokkerPRO 1.3 is the newest version of our app, check out the news: Thinking of the bettors of the most diverse markets we add even more statistics and functions. [...]
November 7, 2019

We made 11 live entries, were 10 greens odd average @3 using our app

Yesterday we stopped to follow the Uruguay and Brasileirão rounds, there were several alerts that our APP provided and we made some entries: In Uruguay: ✅ Both [...]
November 6, 2019

Understanding the SokkerPRO APP Performance Chart

The performance chart was made as a complement to the Race to Goal. With it you will not have to watch any soccer game to know [...]
October 17, 2019

SokkerPRO 2.0 learn all the details of APP and the new software

From 2014 Breathing the Betting Market When we launched SokkerPRO on 2016, we didn't realize how much the project would become, and today we already helped [...]
October 25, 2019

Profiting from the bookmakers mistake

This article is meant to open the minds of our users who are already using SokkerPRO to the opportunities we can get when there is odds. [...]