Trader's Diary: 4 Day


Hello Gentlemen, our day 4 is here.

We didn't operate that day because of a problem with the vpn software we used, just going down all the time, or crashing a lot.


We did not want to ruin what has been done, we chose to make a punter entry in the game of benfica, where we took a red, benfica was close to taking a goal, and we were against time waiting for that bid to make the market rise, what did not happen.

In the Arsenal game, we tried to get in scalping, but the game was dangerous because the internet did not help, and decided not to operate there anymore due to problems with the connection.

It was our only input, we want to continue scalping most of the trading getting help with the software, on 08 we decided not to operate until we got the VPN protocol problem ok (today 09 we are still waiting for VyVPN support) is It's a great vpn but the support leaves something to be desired.

Once our problem is solved we will be back, we hope today.

Starter: 100 €
Gain on the day: -9.81
Total: 133.73 €