Both Mark? Yes it can be very lucrative!


Here is a little explored but very lucrative market, MTBs or both mark

All the games that sokkerpro presents for this market, is well studied, there are several factors to predict if the game will happen for both teams to score.

We have been improving our algorithms more and more so that they can get as much hit as possible, and some particular leagues have been quite successful, see our top 10 (the first 5 with hits greater than 85%)

  1. England: Premier
  2. England: Championship
  3. England: 1 League
  4. USA: MLS
  5. Spain: LaLiga2
  6. Italy: Serie B
  7. Argentina: Serie A
  8. Austria: Austrian League
  9. Brazil: Series B
  10. Scotland: First tier

The best way to bet on both is to be calm, that's right, when we offer a tip of both score in our tips of the day, usually the odd is 1.70 +

To bet on BTTS YES, you just have to be calm, that is to make entries every x minutes, if the game is very busy, is to enter every 5 minutes, if the game is calmer, wait 10 minutes of the first half, and make entries every 10 minutes, so your chance of being even more profitable increases by more than 100%

To work at BTTS NO, it is best to make the entry as soon as the game starts, and always cashout in the first minutes of the second half, for those who have a more investor profile.

What to do when one of the teams scores and I'm not in both? CASHOUT as soon as the investment is safe, ie I bet 100 € and they are returning me 100 €.

A lot of people enter the market of both not and simply make cashout even in the first half, these people work more like traders, as well as in the corner market, but we believe that to do this type of trading is better in BTTS not.