How to place Martingale bets


SokkerPRO began offering combined Martingale betting with a minimum odd of @3.

As we know our hit rate in btts is very high, we decided to provide pre live tips for this market and use Martingale.

But what is Martingale anyway?

Martingale is a technique where we always use a higher value than the one lost in a previous bet, so if I bet 5 € and lose the next bet will be 10 € if losing will be 20 € ie always trying to recover the lost and win the initial stake.

This however depends on the odd, which we offer is from 3, so you don't necessarily have to bet a double value

We have done an excel where you just need to add the value of your bankroll, and inform what% of the stake to bet as in the image below:


As you can see in the picture, just add it to your bankroll, and tell what percentage of the bet you are on.

Download our excel by clicking here