How to definitely win money with bets

Hello SokkerPlayers!

Today the article goes to people who are just starting out in the betting world and still can't be profitable, whether using the SokkerPRO or trying to go it alone.

Many people doubt that you can make money by betting, but the truth is that there are thousands of people living on gambling all over the world.

The fact is, many people delude themselves into thinking it's easy, trying a magic formula, and 95% of people who bet end up giving up just because they do it wrong. And today we will teach how you can change that.

First of all we need to know that even professionals like Billy walters lose money, otherwise it would not exist betting place for us to bet.

However Billy walters no more than 100 million profits in his portfolio for nothing, he follows a strict risk management system of his capital, and this is what we will show you.
We have launched a premium service at SokkerPRO to help younger people with low capital leverage their account faster and the service has been above average, you can read here what we expect from each system: Learn more than we expect from each service
Of course the service has a high degree of risk above a normal bet, and for that reason we INDICATES THAT YOU NEVER BET MORE THAN 1% OF STARTING CAPITAL, that means if you have 1000 thousand euros, you should never bet more than 10 €, that's exactly what SokkerPRO has been doing and here we are not using the compound interest system, that is, our bank today is 1500 € we do not enter with 10% of 1500 € we will always enter from the starting balance (You can make the compound interest system on single bets).

So the first step for you getting started is, NEVER BET MORE THAN 1% on Premium Services like Scratch, Over 2AH and etc.

We always send a safe bet and one with more risk, so you will be using 2% of your capital.

The other day a user called us on Facebook and asked how much he should bet on his 80 € capital, so we said that for premium services no more than 0.80 €, he then found it ridiculous, said he would never make money like that.

Here comes another wrong point, you always need to track 2 numbers, ROI and Capital Evolution, ours currently has a ROI of 211% that means we win 211% of all stake with 53% bankroll or that is, it doesn't matter if your capital is 80 or 80 thousand, the numbers in the end are the same and that's what you need to know:evolution

Ah, but this way I won't make money ”if you only have 80 € is with 80 € you need to work, no use wanting to make a“ bigger leap than the leg ”, as a saying goes, only those who have money make money, if your money is short, build your castle from it, one step at a time, PATIENCE HERE IS CRUCIAL for long term development.

See this picture:

If you have a capital of 100 € and bet 10 € as many did, and took that variance of 4 negative bets from day 22, then you lost 60% of capital, and of course you won't want to continue betting on one. system that made you lose more than half of your money. However it was done correctly the loss was only 6 € and then recovering 4%. If you have short capital and still want to "try" to leverage faster out of this management, remember that it is your responsibility, not the system.
In the simple betting services like Btts that we have been sending very well, we indicate entries with up to 2.5% of the capital because the hit rate is much higher and in the long run it will surely give you money, our goal in this type of service is to have an increase. from 10% to 40% of capital per month and we have achieved that.

Our idea with the Scratchcard stand is to only raise the money spent 12 months, and the profit we will distribute to SokkerPRO employees, but you can raise the monthly profit (if it exists) if it started with 100 € and ended the month with 40 € our advice is to add part of 40 € to a new capital so the following month already has a bigger stake.


  • Set aside capital for risk bets and single bets as both mark, market 1 × 2 and etc.
  • Never use more than 1% of starting capital for risk betting entries
  • Never use more than 2% of starting capital for single bet (this number can be up to 3% if you are fat)
  • Follow risk management to the letter, only this way you can make money in this betting world
  • If you have a low balance do not make a bet more than you can, it will NEVER work out, you can get a good straight, but the end is only one, will break the bank.
  • Patience
  • If you want something a little less variance right now, just bet on our Btts with a maximum of 2% capital

These are simple tips, and most people already know, but don't follow, we are in the betting world for over 9 years and this is the only way to make you win consistently. Are we going with us? Join today: