Consistency and long term


We know that gambling can be a profession of many people, as well as just a hobby, differentiating what you want with this market is the ready key to succeed.

There are various profiles of people in sports betting or trading, there are those who prefer the short term, and those who care about the long term.


Billy Walters, a professional American gambler, involving millions of dollars a day in gambling, said it's normal to spend days, weeks and even months in the red, but never a year, although we agree that there may be months less good than others. , at sokkerpro This is not common, but this is how every professional gambler thinks, IN THE LONG TERM!

Think simple, you have a bankroll of 1000 €, your stake needs to be 2.5% for odd bets above 1.7 that gives 25 € per bet to win the minimum of 17.5 €

Na sokkerpro we offer about 10 to 14 tips per day (depends a lot on the day) usually getting more than losing, however, the ROI value around 5% means that if you made 3 bets using 75 € from your bankroll, and we assume that 1 was red and 2 winning with odd 1.70 you still have a profit of 10 €.

In the long run these 10 € can turn into 300 € in 30 days, just as the variance can turn to negative, it can turn to positive, making this value of 300 € even higher.

When we look for an EV + odd that aggressively improves, the profit would go from 17.5 € to 25 € making in the month 750 €, just by choosing to go into EV + odds, always above @2. (Read about Ev + by clicking here)

If you think of getting an extra income, just focus on the long run, earning little but consistently and that is worth it in the end, the bad days will come, but the good ones too and in the end what matters are the good days it is I need to have more good days than bad!

Take control of your investment, never bet more than 2.5% of all your money, whatever you bet, if the odds can improve over time, use it in your favor, expect EV + odds and success comes. to long term!