Corner DoubleUP 2.0 - the best corner betting system

What is Corner Double UP 2.0 from SokkerPRO?

It is a strategy developed by us with a differentiated capital management, we have always been taxed by the high hit rate in the corner market, so we decided to develop a pre live strategy.
We will pass about 1 to 3 corner tips with a minimum odd of @3.

The good thing about this system that we will have entries, practically every day!

To get started, you need to download our excel spreadsheet, you get excel as soon as you have the active license, if you don't already have it, request it via email

Doubleup corner

In this green field, you put the value of your bankroll, we at sokkerpro will start with a capital of 500 € which is the reality of many, we do not indicate a capital smaller than 20 € as most sites do not accept minimum bets of 0.20 €
The first bet you owe for a total of 5 € as indicated by the stake in the image above, if the bet wins, you will always bet the same starting amount after completing the first round of 5 bets, your profit would be 145.06 As in the example, in this case, you put in your new capital of 645.06 and repeat the process again.
If you lose the bet then you go to the second stake, ie 7.50 €, if you lose again, bet 11.25 € and so on, if you get it right back to the initial stake ie 5 €

If you lose 5 bets in a row, put in new capital repeats and in that case your new capital would be 434.06 €

We will use the 1XBET website to facilitate entry by offering the bet code, if you do not have an account you can do it here:

Our beginning was like this:

TIP 1: ✅ @3.06
TIP 2: X @3.18
TIP 3: ✅ @3.15
TIP 4: ✅ @3.04
TIP 5: ✅ @3.08
TIP 6: ✅ @2.67

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