Trader's Diary: 1 Day


No time to waste!

Today we will start with a punter trader, nothing more than placing a bet, and cash out if necessary.

The game in which we will operate is from ENGLAND: League 2/ Colchester - Cheltenham

Our entry will be simple, let's go with 15% of our Back banking on Colchester and make 2 protections on 0x0 with 2% banking and 1 × 1 with 2% banking, totaling 19% in the market.

If it has any value in live, we will operate looking for scalping under under goals.


Our first Green! We were able to close 1 × 1's position by recovering 2% from bank + back, totaling 12% profit from bank! we started very well.dtrader1-1 diary-1

More night we had the game of braga, by predicting sokkerpro we decided to just observe, and try to enter only the 1 part and see if there were any chances of scalping, the software prognosis was, Risk for Over 1.5HT and Over 2.5 and 1.5 FT, kinda awesome but that's what happened! only 1 × 0 in the first half and 3 goals in the second half, we had no big profit using just 10% of the bank for scalping, earning 0.90 €, a profit of 9% stake



Starter: 100 €
Gain on the day: 12.90 €
Total: 112.90 €