Trader's Diary: 3 Day


Hello everyone! for 3 day with few games we are not sure where to operate, we will try to find value in the game Setubal - Sporting maybe work on scalping.

We are not very excited for 3 day for lack of games, as we have already said, in the Spanish Cup is complicated by the delay of the market entry. and we will have a tough game in England where you can't fit any trading strategy.

Let's take a closer look when we have all the predictions for 3 day in the software, until the update!


Hello gentlemen, today we return to our day of trader.

We started the day playing the Guaratingueta U20 v Estanciano EC U20 game, taking advantage of a sokkerpro Tip in Live, we managed to get 4% of the newsstand up and we always tried to get EV +


We left 2% of the bank as a punter to try to fetch 34% from it, we thought it was fair since the game was 1 × 2 and was open. The end result was our first red.

freebet-olympiacosAfter that game, the Olympiakos v Asteras Tripolis game started, we stayed at Scalping and got about 5% of the bank, but we closed it before we felt it was dangerous and an Olympiakos goal was close, we just won a jackpot with a Freebet at Olympiakos, when we entered the market closed and goal .. we were going to guarantee more than 30% of bankroll profit.

Then we had the Bahia Game, aside from any SokkerPRO prediction, we made a profit in the game, left it to punish the lay, and had red. It was a game where we wanted to expose what is happening at the Copa SP Sub20 a lot of money in the market when the game is already over, we will try to explore this in another post.

Our game, we were fine, missing 1 minute of the game ending 9% of bankroll profit, we took a red, it was fair since we didn't close our position, it was practically the last attack of the weaker team, the defense of the Sporting was in position and did not look like the bid would give the goal, we were already in the market in lay to close the position just missing 1 tick

Ending our day in RED.

day3So ended our day, it was almost perfect, red 7.86% of the starting bank, tomorrow day 05-01 we will do nothing, we will come back day 06! a hug

Starter: 100 €
Gain on the day: -7.86 €€
Total: 143.54 €