And this EV + what is this?


Expected Value (EV) as important as anything else in the betting world.

There is a lot of explanation on the subject out there, but let's summarize it clearly, an ev + bet is when it has a positive expected value, ie odds above @2

Okay, I get it, but finding a bet with @2 isn't always easy, right?

In part, yes, what sokkerpro wants to do is turn its customers into professional gamblers, not only with tips and predictions, but educating in this world that can be very lucrative.

In our tips of the day you will rarely see an odd bet less than 1.70 as we believe 1.70 is already a good odd for a pre live bet.

The problem comes in, when most players using sokkerpro don't have time to wait for game by game, and bet on an odd with ev +.

If most of us notice, we offer lucrative markets as corner tips and both mark, why? Because the chances of finding an odd and ev + are much higher.

If you are going to be in a tip both times, you can simply wait for the first few minutes of 10, almost 70% of games have no goal in that period (not to say that they don't leave)

One of the simple strategies is to split your stake in 3 and add to that market every 10 minutes, because if a goal happens before 30 you are in the market with a stake, and if it doesn't, you will surely be in a market with one. odd greater than @2

The same goes for the corners, the corners every 3 ~ 5 minutes the odd changes, or a low line, if you are observant, start getting into the tips that sokkerpro offers in EV + odds the chances of being profitable simply doubles, to a person who only makes pre-live bets, so NEVER get an odds lower than 1.70 to guarantee a positive profit, even if sokkerpro is predictive, as we know that in the long run it is only possible to make money by entering fair odds.

Let's start entering EV + odds only?

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