Is it possible to make money from sports betting?

it's possible

SokkerPRO has been asking questions every day from people who have had disappointments in the sports betting world, the main question is: Is it really possible to win at sports betting?

Yes it is possible, but only 5% of all the people in this market really make a profit, and let's explain why.

The world of sports betting can be tempting to some people, there are people who bet on their heart team, make multiples to win hundreds of money at once, use any stake, or worse ”I know this bet will be winning , I'll bet everything or 50% of what I have. ”

All of this in the long run is the way for you to be part of the 95% of people who don't make money on sports betting. If you want to make money on sports betting, the first step is to forget everything you know, or imagine knowing about it.

The first step is not to see it all as a gamble, but as a long-term investment, just as you invest in your bank to earn 4% a year at best, see each bet as an investment.

The second step is to treat your bank (all your money) as the only thing you have in life, that is, treat it like it is the last money you have left, because that's where you will work.

The third step is to faithfully obey the rules, that is, never more than 2.5% investment, no matter what happens, never bet more.

The fourth step is to go up the stake through the evolution of the bank, we like to keep the stake per week ie if our bank is one thousand euros, our stake in the first week will be 25 € regardless of profits, we just change if the stake is red, that is, if the bank is 850 € our stake goes to 20 €, if in the second week we have 2k, then our stake will be 50 € and so on.

The fifth step is to control all this, we usually raise the profits of the bank, always the following month, regardless of whether the profit was 1% or 10%, many beginners have no patience to start small, but the truth is that if you cannot earn and be small profitable, will not be with big bankroll.

EVERYTHING IS proportion!

Many look at 5% of daily profits a low number, it is true, if your bankroll is 50 € and you earn 2.5 € a day seems low, but if the same banker was 5 thousand, and the earnings were 250 €? improvement?

You have to have patience to reach higher levels, and evolve day by day, not wanting to earn thousands and money in a short time, you can even earn, and continuing, you will lose everything you have, if you come to This world with divias, hoping to have money in the short term, or need urgent and fast money, this is not for you, SokkerPRO is not for you.

And the multiple?

Multiples is a good way to leverage the bank, 2 to 4 games is a very good number for that, they can only be done, once your bank is in positive balance, if it is negative, make multiple more.

We hope you enjoyed this article, remember, the goal of making money on sports betting is to LONG TERM, we need to get it right and get it wrong, by the end of the month the money will be there.

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