JACKPOT Challenge


Hello followers! Are we going to another challenge campaign?

Since January we have been getting some tips free tips on our facebook page, and the vast majority of them are doing a bank leverage challenge, or the famous allin Challenge.

.The entries are simple, you will reserve a part of your bankroll, and always bet everything you win, for example:
TIP1 bet 10 € win 20 €
Tip2 bet 20 € win 33 €
Tip3 bet 33 € win 50 €

And so on.

So we decided to listen to you and make this joke!

We are going to work in a market that we are already familiar with, which is yellow cards, and the proposal is simple, to earn 1000% of the initial value, ie from 10 € to 100 € or 100 to 1000 € you choose stake you want.

Our first entry will be this below:


Remembering that this challenge can only be done on 1xbet: http://bit.ly/1xbets

We will make it a more universal challenge, that is, anyone with accounts in other houses can participate, however it is difficult to find safe margins in other houses like 1xbet so I will start there

Let's go to the greens?

Not yet sokkerpro? join now: http://bit.ly/adira_sokkerpro